Hospice and America’s Best Funeral Homes

The National Hospice Organization and its standards document recognizes the significant role of the funeral professionals at America's Best Funeral Homes in collaborating with the hospice team at the time of death. The funeral home owners representing America’s Best Funeral Homes appreciate the trust that families and hospice workers place in them and they constantly strive to be deserving of that trust. At no time will family members be without support. The strong attachments and trust developed in one supportive environment (hospice) are shared and transferred to another (an America’s Best Funeral Home) as the family moves through the process of dying, death and bereavement.

Hospice Care includes care of the patient and family prior to the time of death, at the time of death, and care of the family during the bereavement period. For this reason America’s Best Funeral Homes have become an integral part of hospice care by bridging the gap between the time of death and bereavement care. When you consider the philosophy of hospice and funeral service, it is clear why the continuum of care provided by the professional staff of America's Best Funeral Homes is a "natural extension" of hospice care. The Remembrance Planner professionals of America’s Best Funeral Homes and Hospice Caregivers work closely together in order to meet the total needs of families. With greater understanding of each other’s care, areas of expertise and resources, hospice workers and the caring staff of America’s Best Funeral Homes work together to plan a course which makes for a more natural transition of care at the time of death and in caring for the survivors in the months following the death.

We've Become An Integral Part of Hospice Care