Christian Funeral Services

Like all Christian worship, the Christian funeral service has both a vertical and a horizontal dimension. Taking a phrase from an old sacramental form, we attend a funeral to "remember and believe." At the Christian funeral we want and need to remember. The Christian funeral throbs with very human emotions and ought to both reflect them, & minister to them. The Christian funeral is, therefore, a public ritual in which grief is expressed, precious memories are rehearsed, and lifetimes are remembered.

The Christian funeral service focuses mainly on the deceased entry into Heaven and God’s ability to give the grieving strength to cope with their recent loss. According to the New Testament, Jesus sacrificed himself to his enemies and was crucified. This sacrifice was made to pay for the sins of all mankind.  A true believer in Jesus and the Christian faith will be forgiven for sins as a result of Jesus’ sacrifice and gain eternal life in Heaven. Christian funeral services serve the same purpose: to pray for the soul of the deceased, as well as to offer comfort and support to the bereaved.

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