Take Responsibility For Your Final Arrangements
Get Started on Your Path Towards Peace of Mind

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Ensure That Your Final Wishes Are Fulfilled
Spare Your Family The Emotional & Financial Burden

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Protection For Those
You Care About Most

You Care About Most Securing an affordable America's Best Pre-Need Plan with your local ABFH selected funeral home is guaranteed to protect those you love from the financial & emotional burden of your final arrangements. Taking financial responsibility and leaving specific instructions regarding your personal desires will eliminate the need for your loved ones to determine who is responsible for, or capable of, paying for your final arrangements. If you died today, who would be paying for and planning your arrangements tomorrow?

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Prepare For
The Unexpected

You’ve spent a lifetime preparing & planning for things that might happen in order to protect your family both emotionally & financially. So, it just makes sense to prepare and plan for the one thing that is guaranteed to happen, your own final arrangements. Planning for tomorrow, today by securing an America's Best Preneed Plan with your local ABFH funeral home is a wise a and prudent decision, and it's a decision that you should not delay! Right now is the perfect time to get started on your path toward peace of mind.

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Forethought & Guidance
Document Your Wishes

Funeral Homes selected by America's Best Funeral Homes work with leaders in the financial services sector who provide safe & sound solutions for the funeral industry. Your funds are placed in an insurance policy or trust account and remain there until the death occurs. Securing an America's Best Pre-Need Plan actually serves as an extension of your estate & retirement planning while organizing data & documents so your family won't have to worry about locating vital information when it’s needed most.

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We're America's Most Trusted Family Owned Funeral Homes

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Trust & Confidence

The owners & staff of every provider selected by America's Best Funeral Homes have pledged to adhere to the America’s Best Funeral Homes | Code of Ethics & Professional Responsibility. They honor the dignity of those entrusted to their care and respect the wishes of every family they serve with compassion & sensitivity.

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Traditional Burial

Whether you choose ground burial or mausoleum entombment the remembrance service, whether in the funeral home chapel, at church or graveside usually involves the casket being present. You may opt to plan a viewing or a closed casket visitation at the funeral home prior to the funeral service.

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Cremation Options

You should know that choosing cremation opens the door to many unique remembrance options. Cremation, like burial is simply the disposition of the physical body of the deceased. It does not preclude you from planning a Remembrance Gathering either before or after the cremation takes place.

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