Fair, Honest & Reliable Pricing

It’s important to consider that all of the items and services offered by funeral homes that have been selected by America’s Best Funeral Homes are fair, honest and reliable. Their affordable funeral prices are provided on the funeral home's General Price List. The Funeral Rule which was established by the Federal Trade Commission requires every funeral home to have a General Price List. The General Price List will be your guide to comparing  affordable funeral prices in your area. The Funeral Rule protects the consumers’ right to purchase funeral services & funeral merchandise separately. You do not have to accept a package that includes items you do not want. Some funeral homes will publish their General Price List online. If you don’t see affordable funeral prices on the funeral home’s website, you can call or email them to ask them to send you a copy.

Each funeral home selected by ABFH is independently owned & operated, therefore pricing for funeral and cremation arrangements will vary by location. Whether you choose a private or public Remembrance Gathering...your local America's Best Funeral Home will work within your budget to help you create a Final Celebration that captures the essence & personality of that wonderful life.


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