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TriStar Cremation in Old Hickory, Tennessee has been selected as the best funeral home in Old Hickory, TN by America’s Best Funeral Homes. Their compassionate staff of funeral professionals know that what matters most to those who have lost a loved one is guidance & understanding. At TriStar Cremation they are not just funeral directors, they are expert listeners and Remembrance Planner Professionals who will help transform your thoughts and ideas into a perfectly themed and executed Remembrance of A Lifetime that will capture the essence and personality of your loved one.

TriStar Cremation recognizes that in Old Hickory, TN people have a new expectation of funeral homes and accept the fundamental idea that today’s families are not happy with cookie cutter funerals. That is why they’ve adapted by offering new products and services crucial in helping you honor, remember and celebrate that wonderful life.

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A Pre-Need Funeral Arrangement Is A Gift of Love

Plan Ahead

Making a Pre-Need Funeral Arrangement will pay off both emotionally and financially for you and your family. We spend a lifetime planning for the precious moments in our lives: the birth of our children, birthday parties, weddings, and of course, our retirement. But there is one event that we tend not to plan for, yet it’s guaranteed to happen...our funeral.


A Wise & Prudent Decision

Making a Pre-Need Funeral Arrangement saves you & your family money while protecting against inflation & price increases.  Planning Ahead organizes data so your family does not worry about locating vital information when it's needed most. Preparing for tomorrow today by pre-funding your funeral arrangements serves as an extension of your estate planning.

Spare Your Family the Burden

Making a Pre-Need Funeral Arrangement allows you to consider alternatives & make decisions on your own terms.  Planning Ahead provides peace of mind in knowing that your affairs are in order & your wishes will be fulfilled. It allows you to select & document your final wishes while eliminating the uncertainty & financial burden from the shoulders of your family.

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